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Announcing the publication of Roger Evans' 5DL
Five Dimensions of Leadership

Launching globally later this year,
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Across thousands of leaders in private and public sector organisations around the globe I have seen that truly great leadership is characterised by a vision of the future based upon sustainability and values. These people have a deep understanding of both themselves and of the those around them.

They have compassion and humility, are innately strong and have the ability to repeatedly deliver and make things happen by bringing people with them.
“ This is a masterpiece in leadership literature with vitally important insights and knowledge, so desperately needed in many organisations now. ”
Dr Anders Ullman, EVP R&D Pharma
This invaluable ‘handbook’ is underpinned by the context of psychosynthesis and reaches deeply into the complexity and goes to the heart of outstanding leadership.

What we discovered over these years was surprising. We uncovered a consistent and repetitive picture: a small number of underlying ‘personal dimensions’ that determine the very best leaders: these leaders reflected these dimensions time and time again.

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Roger H Evans

Roger is managing Director of CLC, a management consulting practice that works with boards, CEOs and senior leadership teams of global corporations on issues of leadership transformation and change. He is a Co-Founder (1973) of The Institute of Psychosynthesis a Psychotherapy, Coaching and Counselling Training School in London. He was Senior Partner and responsible for the UK with Oliver Wyman Delta and he is also a founding partner at RCP (Remedium Capital Partners) an Independent Drug Development Company.
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